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The weekly ritual is one of the most important aspects to implement with habits-based coaching. It is often one of the biggest factors in whether I succeed in the upcoming week with regard to making healthy choices consistently.

Find the day that works for your schedule. For me and most others, this is Sunday. Although, I primarily use the routine to ensure I have appropriate protein and carbs prepared and do so when needed. Plan to prepare enough of what is needed, but don’t worry if things get off track. Too little? Just make more, it will be quicker the second time, or an opportunity to try a variation. Too much? Freeze for later.

The more you plan ahead, as well as having healthy options available and ready, you will be able to be much more consistent.

“Selective Willpower” + Supportive Environments + Healthy Routines = #SUCCESS

Planning for your main meals is what most of us get used to first. Try to take it to the next level and make up a weekly healthy Snack Bucket. Take it to where you need it. For me it is at the office (gym)

Here are some ideas: • veggies • fruit • mixed nuts + seeds • protein bars • hard boiled eggs • etc. … basically a mix of healthy(ish) options to grab at work that can vary seasonally and works for your body and eating schedule.

Your ritual doesn’t have to be just food / meal prep. Apply to any areas of your life and rountine that will help save you time and stress.

I hope this idea might inspire some of you to think about getting your own Healthy Snack Bucket ready and work clothes picked out as you head into your next week. I can guarantee after years of doing this that it increases efficiency, decreases decision fatigue, and ensures that you’re set up for a great week of positive self-care habits.

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